Many Backgrounds, One Goal. Unique Diverse. Passionate. At Arizona Summit Law School, We're looking for like-minded leaders who share one goal - to be the force of positive change in their communities. It's a law school for the 21st century. Be a par

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  • Friday/ February 27, 2015

    Arizona Summit Law School Offers a Day of Free Legal Services

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  • Thursday/ February 12, 2015

    Arizona Summit Law Forms Center for Community Education

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  • Monday/ January 5, 2015

    Arizona Supreme Court Justice Rebecca White Berch Honors Arizona Summit Law School Graduates with Commencement Address

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  • Tuesday/ October 21, 2014

    Arizona Supreme Court Vice Chief Justice Pelander Selects Arizona Summit Law School Alumnus Kyle B. Fields for Clerkship

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  • Tuesday/ October 7, 2014

    United Nations Taps Arizona Summit Law Professor to Design ADR System for the Industrial Court of Botswana

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  • Thursday/ August 28, 2014

    Arizona Summit Law School Appoints New Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

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  • Success at Arizona Summit Law School.

    Through renowned diversity, a pragmatic and hands-on curriculum and a unique culture of community leadership, Arizona Summit Law School is changing the legal landscape in Phoenix, Ariz.

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  • Tabasum Akbari Student

    “I really like attending a school where the focus is on hands-on experience – the professors take the traditional material and couple it with actual implementation. That’s what makes Arizona Summit Law School very exciting.”

  • Shirley Mays Dean

    “Our students come from all walks of life, but they’re all chasing the same purpose of pursuing their goals and being the change they want to see in the world. While you’re in law school, life doesn’t stop–and many of our students have had to overcome adversity. Still, they soldier on, motivated by that dream of becoming an attorney. It’s not just about exploring the opportunities that are available to you, but also discovering the opportunities that lie within yourself.”

  • Antuan Johnson Alumni and SBA Past President

    “I went to a lot of schools and went on a lot of different visits. I came from the East Coast, so I told myself, where I went to law school, it was going to be nice and warm all year-round. Here, I liked the atmosphere and the city – Phoenix is great.”

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Making the Case for Arizona Summit Law School

Our photo collection makes it easy to picture yourself interacting with fellow students and professors, experiencing our state-of-the-art facilities and enjoying the vibrant lifestyle found in the Valley of the Sun.

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