At Arizona Summit Law School, we believe diversity is the key to creating an ideal experiential learning environment. As a student, you’ll gain knowledge from real-world practitioners who are highly respected within the community. As an employee, you’ll collaborate with some of the top legal minds in the profession. Here, faculty and staff work together to shape and redefine legal education, and create excellence in the profession. True to the mission of our institution, student achievement and success is a top priority.

Our faculty consists of lawyers, leaders, and community activists who strive to create positive change.

Staff Departments:
All Staff

Vincent Alvarez

Senior Service Desk

Andrea Anderson

Academic Support Fellow

Laura Babione

Sr. Bar Passage Lecturer

Michael Bauer

Bar Prep Innovation Specialist

Teresa Burnham

Director of the Law Library and Assistant Professor

Randy Caffee

Disability Services Coordinator & Mental Health Counselor

Desiree Coe

Director of Human Resources

Susan Daicoff


Amanda Dickey

Faculty Assistant

Suzanne Dohrer

Associate Professor

Stacey Dowdell

Associate Professor

Jacquelyn Elser

Operations Manager for Academic Records

Alison Ewing

Reference Librarian

Heidi Farnsworth

Admissions Counselor

Mitchell Fleischmann

Assistant Professor

Brigham Fordham


Steven Gonzales

Associate Professor

Frank Guebara

Director of Student Services

Laura Hodgson

Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Professional Development

Betsy Hollingsworth

Associate Professor

Rick Jackson

Associate Dean of Admissions

Jalila Jefferson-Bullock

Assistant Professor

Michael Jones

Associate Professor

Isaac Kufner

Network Analyst

Donald Lively


Shirley Mays

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law

Lawrence Mushkin

Financial Aid Counselor

Trini Perdue

Academic Records Coordinator

Joseph Perez

Dean of Academic Programs

Stacey Pynn

Career Services Counselor

Jason Renner

Sr. Service Desk

Chelsey Richardson

Admissions Counselor

Christine Ritland

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Rosen Kopolow

Assistant Professor

Christy Ryan

Associate Dean of the Law Library

Marren Sanders


Wendie Schobloher

Executive Assistant

Kyle Schobloher


Lori Skutnik

Operations Manager

Jocelyn Turner

Academic Records Coordinator

Annie Wan

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Penny Willrich

Dean and Professor of Law

Ann Woodley


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