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Check out the Exam Prep Video to see how your law library can assist you with maximizing your final exam preparation and performance.  The following are helpful links from the video.


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Video Links:

West Study Aids Subscription

E-Flash Cards for Torts

E-Flash Cards for Contracts

Darrow-Kleinhaus' Acing the Bar Exam

Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success (Legal Reasoning - pages 63 - 75)

Darrow-Kleinhaus' Mastering the Law School Exam 

Essay Writing Checklist (page 148 - 149)

Multiple Choice Questions (page 150)

McClurg's 1L of a Ride: A Well-Traveled Prof.’s Roadmap to Success in the First Year of Law School  (2013)

The Fifteen Most Common Law School Essay Exam Mistakes (page 263)

Ten Multiple-Choice Strategies (page 291)


American Indian Law Research Guide


Taking an Indian Law class in the future? Thinking about writing your AWR on an American Indian law topic? You might want to check out the library’s new research guide American Indian Law .  The  guide provides titles of authoritative  treatises, tips on how to locate relevant law review articles and lists of news and blog sources.  It also has a tab  for locating  tribal law online .  Guidance in locating primary sources  such as treaties, cases, laws and administrative agency rules, regulations and decisions as well as basic resources on International law as it pertains to American Indians is provided.


This photo was shot in Washington, D.C. in 1880 when a delegation of Ute Indians traveled to Washington to negotiate a treaty with the U.S. government. Image from Native American Images



Library Assistance

When you receive the LSSSE Survey on March 11, support your library.  Why?  What has the library done for you?

  • When you felt lost in the morass of legal sources, we assisted you.
  • When you did not know about study aids, we showed them to you.
  • When you needed to learn about primary and secondary sources, we instructed you.
  • When you were overwhelmed researching your AWR, we supported you.
  • When you recommended we buy a book, we added it to the collection.
  • When your externship provided only Lexis, but you did not know how to use it, we taught you.
  • When you forgot that book for class at home, we had that book for you.
  • When you forgot your reading glasses at home, we lent them to you.
  • When you needed white noise, we provided you with a personal fan.
  • When you had problems with TWEN or D2L, we fixed them for you.
  • When you needed that CALI code, we emailed it to you.
  • When you needed statistics, foreign laws or interdisciplinary journals, we guided you to them.

We need your assistance.  Support your library, rate our assistance on the LSSSE survey. 

Practical Law on WestlawNext


Pretend you are the attorney for James Dean’s (Hollywood icon and star of Rebel Without a Cause, Giant and East of Eden) estate.  You learn that someone is using the “handle” @JamesDean on Twitter. Where could you go to get the language for a “Social Media Platform Agreement”?  Answer: The Practical Law library on WestlawNext. Where could you learn more about the “Post Mortem right of Publicity”? Answer: The Practical Law Practical library on WestlawNext. For more information on the case go to @JamesDean. 

Most of the materials  on Practical Law relate to business law and are from the perspective of the business attorney, although some have applications in other areas of law and other contexts. Materials available include: 

Practice notes (including "Overviews" and "Toolkits")
Standard documents and clauses

Before the arrangement with Westlaw  you had to set up a separate account to access Practical Law. Now you can get it directly through WestlawNext's Homepage:

Finals Preparation with CALI Lessons

We’re in the home stretch of the Fall semester and you know what that means: lots of holiday shopping and lots of finals preparation! If you are sick of hitting the books and want a different way to study, the library has you covered.

CALI (The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) is a great tool for interactive learning. Through CALI, you can access hundreds of lessons written and edited by law faculty and librarians. These lessons cover 35 legal subjects, from Civil Procedure to Wills and Trusts and everything in between. You can even take a lesson on how to conduct primary and secondary legal research in Arizona! CALI lessons provide substantive education, assessment in a variety of formats (including multiple choice questions), and even immediate feedback.

It’s easy to access: just visit If you’ve already registered, just log in with the username and password you created. If you need to register, you will need the school’s authorization code. You can get it by visiting or calling the library’s Legal Research Help Desk (602-682-6898), or by emailing Anne Herrington at Once you’ve logged in, you can find lessons by searching or browsing by legal topic.

So if you want a new and interactive way to prepare for finals, check out CALI!