Library Assistance

When you receive the LSSSE Survey on March 11, support your library.  Why?  What has the library done for you?

  • When you felt lost in the morass of legal sources, we assisted you.
  • When you did not know about study aids, we showed them to you.
  • When you needed to learn about primary and secondary sources, we instructed you.
  • When you were overwhelmed researching your AWR, we supported you.
  • When you recommended we buy a book, we added it to the collection.
  • When your externship provided only Lexis, but you did not know how to use it, we taught you.
  • When you forgot that book for class at home, we had that book for you.
  • When you forgot your reading glasses at home, we lent them to you.
  • When you needed white noise, we provided you with a personal fan.
  • When you had problems with TWEN or D2L, we fixed them for you.
  • When you needed that CALI code, we emailed it to you.
  • When you needed statistics, foreign laws or interdisciplinary journals, we guided you to them.

We need your assistance.  Support your library, rate our assistance on the LSSSE survey. 

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