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Pretend you are the attorney for James Dean’s (Hollywood icon and star of Rebel Without a Cause, Giant and East of Eden) estate.  You learn that someone is using the “handle” @JamesDean on Twitter. Where could you go to get the language for a “Social Media Platform Agreement”?  Answer: The Practical Law library on WestlawNext. Where could you learn more about the “Post Mortem right of Publicity”? Answer: The Practical Law Practical library on WestlawNext. For more information on the case go to @JamesDean. 

Most of the materials  on Practical Law relate to business law and are from the perspective of the business attorney, although some have applications in other areas of law and other contexts. Materials available include: 

Practice notes (including "Overviews" and "Toolkits")
Standard documents and clauses

Before the arrangement with Westlaw  you had to set up a separate account to access Practical Law. Now you can get it directly through WestlawNext's Homepage:

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