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Unlike many law schools, Arizona Summit Law School gives students with a range of backgrounds and responsibilities the opportunity to get a J.D. degree. Whether you’re a traditional student who can take on a full course load or need to take a nontraditional part-time day or evening path, we have a program for you.

For a side-by-side comparison of the full-time, part-time day and part-time evening scheduling options, please download our program options PDF.

  • Work at night? Have a family to raise? Part-time day scheduling gives students the option take 7 to 12 credit hours and graduate in as little as four years.

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  • For students who have a job with traditional hours, our part-time evening schedule offers classes that run between 6:05 and 9:40 pm.

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  • For most students, full-time scheduling allows for the most flexibility, and allows students to graduate in three years or less.

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