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Successfully navigating through law school is a challenging proposition. In a short amount of time, you’ll go from studying for your first test to studying for the Bar Exam — but you’re not alone on your journey. At Arizona Summit Law School, we’re committed to giving you the advanced tools and hands-on training needed to be successful in your legal education — and your career.

Find the tools that best fit your needs in the list below:

Legal Skills Program
Writing Center
Bar Preparation

The Arizona Summit Law School Legal Skills Program empowers students to become effective learners and accomplished legal professionals by providing classes, individual instruction, and academic counseling for students throughout the course of their law school career.
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Writing Center

The Summit Writing Center is focused on assisting students with every aspect of legal writing, including legal analysis, rule synthesis, objective writing, persuasive writing, writing for exams, grammar, citation, and clarity. Under the guidance of the Writing Center Director, Assistant Professor Jennifer Kopolow, the Writing Center holds regular writing workshops open to students of all levels. In addition, both Professor Kopolow and upper-level student Writing Fellows are available for one-on-one meetings to work with students on their writing. The Writing Center also assists professors and student organizations as needed, including hosting workshops.
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Bar Preparation

The Summit Bar Preparation Department provides students with support, guidance, and the tools necessary to successfully pass a state bar exam.  Bar preparation begins in the student’s first year with introduction to bar style multiple choice questions and essays in their substantive law classes, and cumulates in the third year with Pre-Bar Prep courses that strictly focus on bar preparation.  The department also offers bar preparation/review courses such as myBAR/Barbri that begins right after graduation, which offer a personal coach who meets with the student regularly to provide continuous support and personal accountability.


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