Law staff stand proudly.

Professional. Practiced. Prepared. 

From the functional workspaces in our downtown campus to our innovative approach to student success, everything we do at Arizona Summit Law School (Summit) echoes our dedication to you.

We’re not just professors — we’re mentors.

We cultivate your professional development by helping you enhance and expand your values, skills and intellectual capacity. Our commitment to fairness and respect means you’ll receive genuine guidance and support from everyone at Summit.

We’re as diverse as our students.

Diversity, in every sense of the word, is part of the fabric of everything we do. By choosing from educational programs that meet a variety of needs, you’re not forced into a schedule that will ultimately become a burden. Instead, you can select from part-time, full-time and evening programs. Of course, diversity also applies to our learning environment. As an attorney, it’s imperative that you’re able to relate to and interact effectively with persons of diverse backgrounds. With a multicultural learning environment where all students offer their own unique experiences and viewpoints, you’re able to acquire a comprehensive perspective and understanding.

We think practice makes perfect.

You’ll gain incredible value-add practice readiness from our combination of established theory and practical application. We also offer a variety of opportunities to develop your legal skillset even further — by participating in student organizations, developing relationships with mentors and learning from clinics and externships.

Our FIRSTClass program, which combines legal practice and theory, is one of the most innovative in the nation.  This program earned Arizona Summit Law School an award for one of the 20 Most Innovative Law Schools in the United States by National Jurist Magazine.