Law staff member speaking with a new law student.

Different by Design. 

The concept for Arizona Summit Law School was developed by legal educators and professionals who saw the need for a law school that would offer an educational experience aligned with rapidly changing times, play a leading role in diversifying the nation’s least diverse white collar profession, and build a faculty composed primarily of persons with extensive experience in law practice. 

Our model diverges from a common view in legal education that a law school’s mission should be to train students to think like a lawyer rather than how to practice law. Summit’s philosophy is that a law school can do both. Another norm that we challenge is the prioritization of law school rankings.  From our perspective, an emphasis on rankings underestimates the value of faculty engagement with students, deters innovation, and limits access for many students who have the potential to become successful lawyers.
Because Summit serves many non-traditional students, faculty-student engagement and academic support are critical to student success and a primary feature of Summit. We offer a curriculum designed to prepare students for the bar examination and professional success, professors who have served as judges and successful lawyers, and clinics and externships to gain valuable practical experience. We regularly review and refine our curriculum and invest in our academic support programs designed to enable our students to succeed.  
Law school is a rigorous experience that requires a significant investment of your financial resources and energy.  A legal education prepares you not only to become a lawyer, but also to develop skills and competencies that will enhance your abilities and marketability in other fields.  Transparency is important in any relationship, including the one between school and students.  Consistent with this value, we encourage you to exercise due diligence in the selection of a law school.
Consumer disclosure statements on law school websites can be a useful tool in this regard. We urge all applicants to make an informed judgment about attending law school, trends in the legal profession, and the performance of any school (including ours) you are considering. Please ask hard questions when you talk to admission representatives, visit the campus, meet with faculty and administrators, and otherwise take the steps you need to make a well-informed decision with respect to your options.            
Summit is not a law school for everyone. We seek students who are willing to test conventional wisdom, have an eye for shaping the future, and possess the courage and conviction to lead change.  Our mission is to become a leader in inclusive excellence by providing opportunity and support for persons who, because of background, status, or location may have limited access to legal education. 
As you consider law school and your law school options, we look forward to being a resource for you.

If you have any questions about Arizona Summit Law School, please contact our main office at 602.682.6800 or email to