The Arizona Summit Law School (Summit) cost of attendance (COA) is our best estimate of how much your academic year (two terms) will cost. Your COA includes tuition, fees, books, housing and meals, transportation, and personal expenses while enrolled in law school.

In addition to helping you budget for law school, this COA governs the total amount of aid (federal loans and scholarships) available to you for any two-term period.

Cost of Attendance 2017 - 2018

Cost Of Attendance



Tuition & Fees:



Books and supplies



Housing and meals






Other educational costs



Estimated Cost of Attendance:



Additional information.

This cost of attendance is applicable for fall 2017 and spring 2018 academic year. Additional credit hours over the 16 credits, intersession, and intrasession credits will be billed on a per-credit basis at $1,697 per credit hour. Keep in mind the combination of your scholarships, loans, and work study may not exceed the cost of attendance regardless of your family size (spouse, children or other dependents). Although you may be awarded financial aid up to the cost of attendance, you may choose to borrow less than the maximum amount.

Financial Aid Eligibility
Find out if you’re eligible for financial aid, and the guidelines for maintaining it throughout your tenure at Summit.

Borrower Rights and Responsibilities
Protect yourself from fraud and miscommunication with these helpful borrower rights and responsibilities.

Additional Resources
From government agencies to third-party planning resources, find additional information on financial aid.

Graduating Students
Financial-aid responsibilities don’t stop after graduation. Find information on paying your loans and managing your finances.

For more information on funding your legal education, please contact our Financial Aid Office directly at 602.682.6803 or