Financial aid is an investment in your future to ensure your financial stability throughout your studies and achievements. At Arizona Summit Law School, you must maintain satisfactory academic achievement to be eligible, as mentioned in the Student Handbook.

Satisfactory academic achievement is determined through a mix of qualitative and quantitative achievements:

Qualitative Achievements
Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.2 (the equivalent of a C average).

Quantitative Achievements
The maximum time period within which a full-time or part-time student must complete the requirements for a J.D. degree is 84 months (seven years). Students will not be eligible for federal student financial aid once they reach these maximum time limits.

Credit Hour Completion Requirements per Term
To ensure completion of the J.D. program within the maximum time frames set forth above, this policy requires students to successfully complete at least five credits per term. A student is considered full-time status when taking at least thirteen credits per term and a part-time status when taking seven to 12 credits per term.  A student successfully completes a credit hour if he or she receives a grade of “D” or better, or in the case of a course that is graded pass/fail, a “PASS” or “P.”

For more information about satisfactory academic progress, please contact Financial Aid at 602.682.6800 or by email at