Beautiful sunrise shot of Phoenix, AZ.

ABA Probation Notice

Different by Design.

Arizona Summit Law School is new, but more importantly it is different. We are designed and developed by legal educators who recognized the need for a law school that is responsive to the profound changes sweeping through the legal profession.  Our mission is to establish the benchmark of inclusive excellence in professional education for the 21st Century.  Arizona Summit Law School is dedicated to developing the skillset students need to become future leaders.


A legal education may represent the biggest investment you will make in your life.  In recent years, some have questioned the value of a law degree.   The value of your law degree ultimately lies in your utilization of the resources available to you at Arizona Summit Law School, including:  our innovative Full Integration of Real-life Skills with Teaching (FIRSTclass) Curriculum taught by professors with extensive practice and teaching experience, The Center for Professional Development (CPD), Multi-Year Bar Accelerated Review (myBar), and Clinics.

Students also find great value in the diversity of the classroom.  Diversity at Arizona Summit Law School is much broader than the typical definition of diversity.  In addition to the Fall 2016 class profile being approximately 39% diverse, with an average age of 30, they came from very different undergraduate institutions, states, career backgrounds and life experiences.

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Location Matters.

Phoenix is now America's sixth-largest city!  Our population consists of more than 1.4 million people with a marketplace valued at more than $50 billion.  Arizona Summit Law School is located in a community that is renowned for its vitality, diversity, quality of life, and orientation toward the future.  Most significantly, it is a place of opportunity.  An educational experience that is tailored to the times and a destination location provide an ideal context for law students wanting to live in and lead into the future.

Arizona Summit Law School is in a modern high rise building that offers all of the resources a student needs to be successful in law school.  Some of these features include 42 study rooms and 15 study areas, wireless internet and printing capabilities throughout the building, appellate and trial courtrooms containing the same technology as the Maricopa County Superior Court, knowledge bars for small group learning, and an entire floor of the library dedicated to quiet study.