Objectives of the Policy:

To implement a fair and equitable method for allocating parking spaces for students, employees and visitors. To provide multiple parking options to best fit the needs of our students and employees.

Arizona Summit  Law School (Summit) has a limited number of parking spaces within the building.  The spaces are over-allocated in an effort to obtain maximum utilization — acknowledging that not everyone is on campus at the same time.

Parking options are provided to help accommodate daytime, evening, part-time and motorcycle parking.  Options include discounted light rail/bus passes.

In addition to the parking options within the building and light rail passes, arrangements have been made with the city of Phoenix and adjacent vendors to provide access to their facilities at discounted rates.

Parking fees are required of employees and students who select one of the parking options below.  Any employee or student who selects the light rail/bus pass option will forfeit their parking option.

Student Parking (rates listed are per term)




Semester Rate


Arizona Summit Law School Garage

24 hours per day



Convention Center Garage

6 a.m. - 6 p.m., weekdays*


Evening Students

Arizona Summit Law School Garage

5 p.m. - 7 a.m., weekdays

All day on weekends


Motorcycle Parking

Arizona Summit Law School Garage

24 hours per day


All Students

Light rail/bus pass



 * Convention Center Garage patrons are allowed access to the One North Central Garage from 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Parking Allocation/Capacity

  • There are 489 parking spaces in the One North Central–West parking garage.
    • 123 spaces on level P5 are offered to full-time and part-time employees.
    • 366 spaces on levels P2, P3 and P4 are offered to daytime students on a first-come sign-up basis (up to 500 spaces are sold, in an effort to maximize garage utilization without exceeding capacity).
  • All evening students are currently offered ONC garage parking (subject to time constraints).
  • All employees and students are offered ONC garage motorcycle parking.
  • Students with valid state-issued handicapped placards or license plates are allowed to purchase parking without participating in the first-come sign-up process.
  • There are 35 parking spaces in the Adams (First St.) lot. Twenty spaces are offered to employees. The remaining 15 spaces are reserved for visitors.
  • There are up to 500 spaces on the top floor of the Convention Center parking garage. Spaces are offered to all employees and students.

Parking Information

  • Student parking at the ONC garage and Convention Center and student light rail passes are paid through student accounts. Parking at other lots may be arranged through Summit and payment may be required directly to those lots.
  • Visitors are not charged for parking. Visitor parking is permit controlled in the Adams (First St.) lot. Permits are available, by prior arrangement, at the school receptionist and through each department. Permits can be filled out, scanned and emailed to guests or picked up at the lobby security desk.
  • Parking for school events cannot be accommodated, due to capacity.
    • The Adams lot is available on weekends. Capacity is limited to 35 spaces. Parking is on a first-come basis.
    • On-street parking at parking meters is free on weekends.
  • Students hired as student workers do not have access to employee parking and must sign up for parking using the student sign-up process.
  • ONC garage spaces are not specifically assigned and are first-come, first-serve.
  • The ONC garage is access card controlled (gate controlled).
  • The Adams (First St.) lot is permit controlled (except on weekends).
  • The Convention Center garage is access card controlled. Access cards are issued by the Convention Center garage management.
  • The Convention Center garage is located at 601 E. Washington Street, with entrances on Washington and Jefferson.
  • Shuttle service between ONC and the Convention Center is provided at 15-minute intervals, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • The Arizona Summit parking garage is managed by AMPCO System Parking.
  • A floor plan of a typical floor of the garage is included below.

Parking Regulations (Including Bicycle Parking)

  • Vehicles parked in the ONC garage must display a valid parking decal.
  • Vehicles parked in the ONC garage must be in operable condition and have valid license plates.
  • Vehicles parked in the ONC garage must be parked facing into spaces and within the designated lines.
  • Sleeping overnight in vehicles in the ONC garage is prohibited.
  • Garage patrons who do not have 24/7 garage access are required to vacate the garage not later than 5 a.m. daily.
  • No vehicular repairs or maintenance will be made on campus except under emergency conditions with the approval of the Director of Facilities & Security.
  • Notification must be made to the Facilities Manager and Security to temporarily store a vehicle on campus (e.g., an employee storing a personal vehicle while on business travel).
  • Bicycle parking is limited to the bike racks, located on P2 and the entrance ramp to P2. Bicycles cannot be secured to any part of the building other than the bike racks.
  • Bicycle access/egress is via the vehicular entrance ramp. During evenings and weekends, when the roll-up grate is down, bicycles may enter the garage through the building lobby/elevators. Instructions are posted on how to open the roll up grate upon egress.
  • Arizona Summit Law School will not be responsible for damage, theft or loss of personal property.

Parking Violations

  • First Offense: Ticket — $25 fine
  • Second Offense: Boot — $50 fine
  • Third Offense: Tow — Up to $125 towing and administration fee, based upon type of vehicle towed, payable to the towing company.

 Additionally, parking privileges may be revoked at any time for failure to follow parking rules and procedures.

  • Parking in Tow Zones or Handicapped Spaces — Up to $125 towing and administration fee, based upon type of vehicle towed, payable to the towing company.
  • Bicycle Parking Confiscation — Bicycle returned after $50 fine

Questions and comments may be addressed to: facilities@azsummitlaw.edu