Law school students waiting in the hallway.

An experience as unique as you.

A vibrant, unique education, rooted in the heart of a vibrant, unique city. Arizona Summit Law School is a reflection of its location in Phoenix, offering its student population a robust, exciting, challenging and rewarding opportunity to make a difference.

It’s an opportunity steeped in a respect for fellow students and the diverse experiences they bring to the institution. An opportunity grounded in rigorous, uncompromising study, reflecting the best educational offerings available. An opportunity that maximizes the latest technology—from interactive learning to the convenience of tablet computers—to make sure educational potential is realized. And an opportunity to allow people who come from all walks of life to realize their dreams of a law career, sharing these dreams and the inherent challenges faced by a demanding educational process with fellow students and faculty.

Whether full-time or part-time, transitioning from another career or matriculating directly from a bachelor’s degree awarding institution, our students can count on Arizona Summit Law School to help them maximize those opportunities in a rewarding and enriching environment.