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It’s easy to make a case for joining an extracurricular club or student organization. From finding specialized legal knowledge to networking with like-minded lawyers in the field, joining a club or student organization is an invaluable way to get the most from your law school experience. And at Arizona Summit Law School, there are dozens of groups to be a part of — from the Student Bar Association to the Arizona Summit Law School chapter of Phi Alpha Delta — with each providing in-depth opportunities for students to learn more and go farther.



  • Student Bar Association

    The Student Bar Association is the representative body for the students of Arizona Summit Law School and is the primary point of contact for each club and organization on campus. Additionally, the students that make up the Student Bar Association coordinates ASLS events...

  • American Association for Justice

    Develop lifelong contacts with attorneys and seasoned legal professionals through events to promote the integration of real-world practice and trial skills with your legal education.

  • Arizona Summit Law School Women’s Association

    Promote the success female lawyers by providing fellow ASLS Women’s Association members with information and support through connections among female students and the legal community.

  • Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

    Foster the broadened career development and academic growth of fellow minority law students in APALSA through legal scholarship activities, social events and community service.

  • Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

    Promote diversity and fairness in the legal profession by collaborating with a national network of students in the Black National Bar Association and the local Black AZ Bar.

  • Black Women's Law Student Association (BWLSA)

    BWLSA is committed to promoting a genuine sisterhood amongst woman of color. We encourage and support each other while in law school and in the legal field.

  • Christian Legal Society

    Encourage fellow Christian law students to practice the message of goodness through peer-to-peer and group guidance aimed at fostering the integration of faith and practice.

  • Criminal Law Society

    Navigate the dynamic, diverse and ever-changing world of the criminal justice system with the Criminal Law Society through networking opportunities provided by ASLS staff, practicing lawyers and judges.

  • Delta Theta Phi (DTP)—ASLS Chapter

    As the nation's premier law fraternity, Delta Theta Pi provides a forum for students and lawyers to network, exchange ideas and share knowledge with more than 136,000 members worldwide.

  • Family Law Student Association

    Family dynamics are changing, and the Family Law Student Association is helping promote awareness of all issues relating to substantive and procedural family law.

  • Federalist Society

    Embrace the founding principles of the states’ primary duty—to preserve individual freedom, uphold the Constitution and ensure the judiciary says what the law is—not what it should be.

  • Health Law Society

    To understand the legal side of the health industry, you have to understand consumers, providers and the organizations that fund them. Advance your knowledge of American healthcare through the Health Law Society.

  • Hispanic Law Students Association (HLSA)

    The HLSA gives students access to a national network of resources and opportunities through the Hispanic National Bar Association, Los Abogados (Arizona Hispanic Bar Association) and the National Latino Law Students Association. In addition, they offer mentoring, pro...

  • Intellectual Property Law Society

    Promote interest in the field of intellectual property law through instruction, networking, speaking engagements and hands-on experience with the Intellectual Property Law Society.

  • International Law Society

    We live in a global marketplace, and to compete, you have to be adept at international law. The International Law Society can help expand your borders with a series of talks on topics related to international law.

  • J. Reuben Clark Jr. Law Society

    Named in honor of the former Ambassador to Mexico, the J. Reuben Clark Jr. Law Society promotes fairness and the virtue of law through public service, professional excellence and religious conviction.

  • Jewish Law Student Association

    The Jewish Law Student Association promotes awareness of issues—legal and otherwise—concerning the local Jewish community and the involvement of law students practicing or learning about Judaism nationwide and the Jewish state of Israel.

  • Justice for All

    Justice for All advocates equal rights for any and all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and other underrepresented minorities through instruction, speaking events and hands-on diversity law training.

  • Juvenile Law Society

    Serving the underserved often means protecting people without a voice-our children. Help promote the awareness of juvenile law-both dependency and delinquency-with the Juvenile Law Society.

  • Legal Aid Work for the Protection of Animal Welfare Society (LAWPAWS)

    Join LAWPAWS to help raise the profile of animal law by educating the public about animal abuse and engaging in projects that help combat abuse in the Phoenix community.

  • Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project Association

    Support the goals of the Marshall-Brennan Association by mentoring high school students and fellow Arizona Summit Law School students, fundraising and providing other resources as needed by the project.

  • Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA)

    Engage MELSA and ASLS community in a discussion of the vibrant legal cultures of the Middle East and the legal aspects of the ongoing U.S. engagement in the region.

  • Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)

    The purpose is to promote the study of Native American law and to encourage members to work in close relation with tribal governments during their law school career and thereafter. NALSA offers their member students mentoring, networking, sharing of scholarship...

  • Night Student Society

    Time is critical for students with jobs and outside responsibilities. Assist with the unique needs of these students while making a positive impact on the community by promoting student involvement.

  • OUTLaw

    OUTLaw provides a social, networking, and support group for gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, and allied students, faculty, staff, and families. Additionally, we strive to expose OUTLaw members to the legal community by: (1) highlighting existing, and creating new...

  • Phi Alpha Delta, International Law Fraternity

    Take part in the Goldwater Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, a professional law fraternity advancing integrity, compassion and courage through service to students, the school, the profession and the community.

  • Public Interest Law Association

    Assist underserved communities by linking students of ASLS with local and national non-profit and legal aid organizations that serve populations in need of legal intervention to help combat injustice.

  • Sports and Entertainment Law Society

    Take part in a forum for enthusiastic discussions, events and networking opportunities with fellow Sports and Entertainment Law Society members and alumni working in athletics, theater and music.

  • St. Thomas More Society

    Preserve and promote the highest standards of knowledge, skills, integrity, ethics, civility, dignity and justice in accord with the best traditions of the St. Thomas More Society of the Catholic faith.

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