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Current Clinics

Since its inception, Summit Legal Clinic has offered a wide range of clinics directly serving clients in a variety of legal practice areas. Current practice areas include (and the availability varies):
  • American Indian Wills and Estate Planning Clinic
  • Bankruptcy & Consumer Debt Clinic
  • Domestic Violence Clinic
  • Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property Law “Clinic Without Walls”
  • Family Law Clinic
  • Homeless Legal Assistance “Clinic Without Walls”
  • Immigration & Human Rights Law Clinic
  • Mediation Clinic
  • Veterans’ General Legal Assistance “Clinic Without Walls”
  • Post Conviction Relief Clinic

Pro Bono Programs

Summit Legal Clinic also offers opportunities for students, professors, staff, and lawyers to earn pro bono hours by direct service to clients or to the Clinic. They are usually open to all Summit law students, even if not enrolled in a clinic course. Past pro bono programs have included:
  • American Indian Wills
  • Arizona Summit Law School Day of Pro Bono Legal Service
  • Family Law Unbundled Legal Assistance (Father Matters)
  • Homeless Legal Assistance (Human Services Campus)
  • Veterans’ Legal Assistance (Arizona Stand Down and other events)
  • Wills For Heroes


Summit School Legal Clinic has a unique 1L law student fellowship program where incoming law students can apply for paid positions working in the Clinic with the administrative team to administrate the law practice of the Clinic. This is a terrific opportunity for new law students to work in a multi-departmental law firm on campus, in teams with other law students, under the direct supervision and guidance of the law professors directing the Clinic.
Students interact with clients, parties, opposing counsel, other clinic students, professors, referring agencies, and community partners – and often serve as the “face and voice of the Clinic.” In addition, they learn or hone law office management skills, communication skills, and legal skills. It offers students the opportunity to work closely with one or more clinics of their choice.