Some law students paying attention to their instructor during class.

Time Requirements

There are no exams or quizzes needed. The ABA requires students to work 50 hours for each credit hour, which translates into 4 hours a week per credit hour, over the 13 weeks of a semester. This time commitment is similar to externships and includes class time. Students must have the time available to work in the Clinic when enrolled: 1 credit = 4 hours weekly; 2 credits = 8 hours weekly; 3 credits = 12 hours weekly; 4 credits = 16 hours weekly.

Note: In the 908GP General Practice Clinic Without Walls and Advanced Clinic, students can choose how many credit hours you want to earn (1-6 credits) and you should be Rule 38 eligible (with 35 credits, Prof. Resp. & Evidence, and an Academic Good Standing of 2.0 GPA), but not always required.


  • If you have taken Mediation, a student can enroll in Mediation Clinic. Not concurrently enrolled; this is a true prerequisite – because students will go to court to mediate civil lawsuits in this clinic.
  • If you have taken Bankruptcy, a student can enroll in Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic. Not concurrently enrolled; this is a true prerequisite.

Starter Clinics

If a student is just starting your experiential learning – and you haven’t taken Mediation or Bankruptcy, please enroll in Clinic Without Walls: General Practice (908GP - Vets/HSC/TLO Section) or Clinic Without Walls: Entrepreneurship/Intellectual Property (908GP- EIP Section). In the first one, General Practice Clinic, you can select how many credit hours you want to take.

Advanced Clinics

If a student has already taken:
1. Mediation, then enroll in Mediation Clinic.
2. Bankruptcy, then enroll in Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic.
3. Clinic and wish to repeat it, then email Prof. Daicoff to enroll in Advanced Clinic and designate the amount of credit hours.