Looking for an exciting and rewarding career? Interested in using your problem-solving abilities in helping others? Currently in the field and looking for professional development opportunities?

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Certificate in Traditional and Modern Forensic Science.

Build Your Knowledge Base

Employment opportunities in the forensic sciences and crime scene investigations continues to increase with high demand.

Establish Core Competency

Expand and sharpen your critical thinking problem-solving skills.

Learn To Examine Evidence

Forensic evidence is a staple in civil and criminal trials. This program prepares you to conduct proper investigations, determine the intrinsic value of forensic evidence and its use in preparation for trial.

Offered Completely Online

We know it's difficult to find time to better yourself, especially in today’s high pace environment. This course is offered entirely online, allowing you flexibility to work around your life. Our training modules are self-paced, incorporate frequent user interaction and require students to successfully complete each module before certificates are awarded.

Taught By Professionals

Our instructors have field experience working federal agents, legal and security professionals, and forensic scientists.

Gain Marketable Skills

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 27% growth of jobs in forensic science between 2014-2024, which is more than three times the average growth trajectory of all U.S. jobs (8%).We know what potential employers are looking for in a new hire, so we'll endow you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a marketable asset to the justice system.

Advance Your Career

We are always trying to better ourselves and provide financial stability for our loved ones. Completing this program is the first step toward career advancement and finding a wealth of employment opportunities within the criminal justice field.

24/7 Technical Support

We know you are busy and may need help outside business hours. We offer 24/7 tech support to provide you the tools you need to succeed.

Forensic science practitioners typically work closely with attorneys, prosecutors, and government agencies. This program is offered in collaboration with the Songer Institute, which provides training for businesses, individuals, and educational institutions worldwide and has developed curricula for advanced degree programs. This program provides up-to-the-minute guidance in the core areas of forensics, cybercomputer forensics, and ethics in forensics. You’ll develop technical and core competencies, as well as critical thinking and effective communication — and you’ll top off your experience with a capstone practicum that ensures real-world practice.

This is the only online forensic certificate program offered by an ABA accredited law school. In our program, students develop critical thinking skills and competency in core areas of criminalistics, cyber-forensics and ethics in forensic science.

Develop marketable skills sought after by public and private sectors employers and the justice system by enrolling for a Certificate in Traditional and Modern Forensic Science!

Program Overview

This online program provides a certificate of completion in the rapidly growing field of forensic science. Students are awarded a Certificate of Completion given by Arizona Summit Law School and the Songer Institute.

Program Schedule

Students take the three courses sequentially to complete the program.


The cost of tuition to enroll in this program is $5,400.

There are three payment options for the program:

A. Pay all tuition upfront with a 10% discount.

B. Pay for the first course but with an agreement to pay for the second and third courses on a credit card auto-payment a week before the second and third courses start.

C. Pay only 20% for the courses ($1,080) upfront and sign a promissory note. Student will auto-pay monthly installments (plus interest) over a maximum of twelve months, and will receive the certificate when payment is fully received.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Key Features

  • Offers 24/7 technical support for students enrolled in the program.
  • Ample opportunities for students to interact directly with instructors and peers via discussion boards, virtual office hours, and online projects.
  • Full support to students entitled to services under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Monitoring by staff and faculty to ensure continual course success.
  • User friendly Learning Management System (D2L) with interactive training tools.

Technical Information

Technical Requirements
Students should have reliable access to a high-speed, broadband Internet connection. A minimum download speed of 5.00 mbps and minimum upload speed of 2.00 mbps is recommended.
Students must have a webcam and microphone. Students are encouraged to use a laptop or desktop computer rather than a tablet or smartphone.

Technical Support
Uninterrupted access to the program is of utmost importance. All courses within the Cyberforensics program receive 24/7 Technical Support.
From the beginning of the first course through the end of the final examination period, student receive support for any technical issues. Students will be provided with both a technical support email and phone number for any such issues. In addition, staff will monitor student activity in the courses and reach out to students as necessary, and students will have opportunities to provide feedback about technical issues and course administration.

Course Descriptions

A comprehensive course that studies the fundamentals and applications of the forensic sciences and crime scene management. The design of this course is both academic and practical. Students will be assessed by comprehensive testing based on readings and research, but further assessment will be balanced by discussion interactions and practical activities relating to the topics. Topics include Management of Crime Scenes, Medicolegal Death Investigation, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Impression Evidence, DNA Evidence, and Ethics and Forensic Science. The academic and practical components are immersed throughout the 8 week sequence of the course. This course is designed for forensic investigators, police officers, private or public investigators, or other students or professionals with an interest in forensic investigation.

This course explores the role of the forensic investigator as a moral progenitor and propagator. Students study the forensic investigator from the moral aspects of the scientist, law enforcement officer, and as a member of the academic discipline of forensic science.  The course explores both historical and current issues of ethical dilemmas as well as expectations of forensic scientists, investigators, trainers, and educators.   A practical focus is placed in exploring each student’s ethical foundations and growth.  An academic approach focuses on philosophical paradigms of past and present in dealing with normative ethics of humankind. The design of this course is both academic and practical. Students will be assessed by comprehensive testing based on readings and research, but further assessment will be balanced by discussion interactions and practical activities relating to the topics. These components are immersed throughout the 8 week sequence of the course. This course is designed for beginning, middle, or experienced scientific and criminal investigators, or other students or professionals with an interest in ethical conduct, practice, and development.

This course will introduce the student to the practicalities of investigating crimes that use electronic resources as their primary mode of execution. Of primary importance are the identification, acquisition, and preservation of digital evidence and the laws and legislations that surround proper search and seizure.  Also examined are investigative techniques, how to conduct a digital inventory, and serving as an expert witness.

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