Some law students taking a test during class.

Success at Arizona Summit Law School means more than graduating with a degree. It means entering the workforce with the skills needed to succeed at your career. From your first day in class, you’ll be exposed to the law in a way not seen in other law schools, with pragmatic courses teaching students everything from oral argument, trial practice, and document drafting, to practical applications with real people in the community. And by graduation, you can have been in mock trials, had an opportunity to conduct your own trial, counseled clients face-to-face, drafted court documents and contracts, completed specialty clinics designed to maximize your critical thinking skills, and worked with attorneys in the field to ensure you’re not seen as a first-year trainee. You’ll be able to gain the experience needed to be a professional and make a difference.

Get an overview of our courses and skills-training offerings below.

In-depth Skills Training in Classes

From your first weeks of law school at Summit, you’ll be honing professional lawyering skills like making oral arguments; conducting trials; litigating cases; drafting legal instruments, letters, pleadings, motions and agreements; interviewing, counseling and listening; and negotiating settlements, contract clauses and more. 

Our unique integrated first-year curriculum places you in the role of a litigator in a personal injury case, to learn bar-tested foundational subjects like torts and civil litigation.  It places you in the role of a criminal attorney, writing briefs for your client, as you learn criminal law.  In your second year, practical skills learning is infused in every class. 

Practical Skills “In the Field”

After you’ve learned the basics, we have three programs offering live-client or field experience during your law school career:  Clinics, Externships, and Pro Bono Service.  The faculty and administration at Arizona Summit Law School believe that to fully prepare our graduates, students must be exposed to practical skills and ethical instruction. That means before graduation, each student at Summit takes part in a number of clinics, externships, workshops, classes and mentoring — because through these courses and fieldwork, you’ll truly understand the value of collaboration with experienced attorneys and professors and lifelong learning in the practice of law.

Hands-on Experience

Experiential learning. Work experience. Assisting real clients.  Observing and learning from experienced lawyers.  Learning from practice to develop skills that employers value. From mock trials on campus to clinics and externships in our community, these are the programs that work best for learning how to succeed — and network — in the field.

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