Law student paying attention during her lecture.

Professionally Prepared

Different by Design

Arizona Summit Law School is new, but more importantly it is different. We are designed and developed by legal educators who recognized the need for a law school that is responsive to the profound changes sweeping through the legal profession.  Our mission is to establish the benchmark of inclusive excellence in professional education for the 21st Century.

Be a Leader

Arizona Summit Law School was created to lead change and offer a legal education that prepares students for a career in an ever-evolving legal profession.  At Arizona Summit Law School, not only do students learn legal theory and gain practical legal experience, but they develop the skillset necessary to become effective leaders.

Preparing Students to Meet the Needs of Today’s Legal Profession

A central aspect of our mission is to incubate our students with the skills that today’s legal profession demands from law school graduates.  Students are exposed to practical lawyering skills beginning their very first year of law school. Students continue to develop their practice skills throughout law school by participating in live-client clinics and externships, preparing them to meet the needs of today’s hiring partners and associates.

Unlock Your Potential

Arizona Summit Law School is dedicated to breaking barriers that have traditionally prevented qualified students from attending law school, such as LSAT scores/undergraduate GPAs or inflexible scheduling. We believe that a person is a sum of their experiences and a student's success should be based on what each individual can do in law school and beyond, and not based on what a student did or was before ever passing through our doors.  We want a chance to partner with our students, to unlock their potential, and give them the opportunity to achieve all that they are capable of achieving.