Arizona Summit Law School is committed to supporting all students in their academic endeavors. This means providing reasonable accommodations for students who have disabilities — including those who require learning, sight, hearing, manual, and speech or mobility accommodations — so that they may have an equal opportunity at a successful legal education.

Academic accommodations at Summit are provided to students who qualify under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). These accommodations are generally oriented to classroom and/or examination settings. To ensure each student receives the proper accommodations required, students must make their requests in writing each term to the Director of Academic Services and Registration, preferably before the term begins, but no less than four weeks prior to the examination period.

Students should review the Disability Accommodations Guide and use the forms attached therein to request all accommodations. To receive accommodations, students need to submit the appropriate medical, psychological and educational documentation to substantiate their specific needs. Confidentiality of records is maintained.

Each student request will be assessed by Dr. Randy J. Caffee, an ADA professional, who will determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations.  Dr. Caffee has worked in the field of ADA for the past eight years and brings a unique perspective to the role.  His email address is

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For more information about the disability accommodations process, please refer to our Request for Disability Accommodations Guide.

For more information concerning specific accommodations available and documentation guidelines, please contact Student Accommodations at 602.682.6866 or Student Services at 602.682.6915.