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Center for Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD partners with each student in their professional transformation into the legal industry. Through individualized career advising and CPD’s proprietary professional development curriculum, students learn about the various career options, develop professional skills, and acquire the experience needed to best position themselves for employment post-graduation.

Unique to AZSummit Law, the CPD manages the Externship Program allowing students to gain invaluable legal professional and networking experience while earning academic credit.  The CPD encourages students to view their externships as 3 month job interviews, which for many, result in a post-graduate job offer at the completion of their externship. 

In addition to on-campus student resources, the CPD actively engages with local and national Employers to broaden their recruitment efforts with the Arizona Summit Law School.

Prospective Students

The CPD partners with each student in their professional transformation into the legal industry.  CPD’s unique professional development curriculum is incorporated into the externship program, allowing students to earn course credit while gaining valuable work experience, developing a professional portfolio, and identifying externship placements that are aligned with the student’s career goals. In addition to the externship program, the CPD actively recruits employers to campus in its annual Copper Square On Campus Interview Program. This event attracts over 70 employers on campus every year to extend Summer and Fall employment opportunities.

The CPD continues to increase its national and international presence, and provides career advice and assistance specific to the interests of students wanting to locate to that area.  The CPD partners with national and international private organizations, public interests, and government agencies allowing students to gain experience closer to home developing a professional network while in law school.

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CPD is a critical resource in your professional development. We offer the following assistance to students:

  • Counseling: We help develop individualized plans for each student based on their previous experience and career aspirations.  Each student is unique, so we tailor each student’s plan to gain experience in the practice area of choice with the end goal of employment after graduation in that practice area.  Log into the CPD Career Site to schedule your appointment today.
  • Recruiting Programs: Arizona Summit Law School’s CPD Department has several employment programs throughout the year including our Annual Copper Square On-Campus Interview Day, Valley of the Sun Summer Law Clerk Program, Diversity Legal Writing Program, Summer Associate On-Campus Interviews, and Judicial Clerkship Application and Interview Counseling. 
  • Job Postings/On-Campus Interviews/Resume Collects: Employers contact the CPD interested in employing our students in both paid and unpaid positions.  Check out the CPD Career Site for current job opportunities. 
  • Publications: The CPD has over 50 handouts and guides on the CPD Career Site in the Resources section.  In addition, there are Business of Law library resources available.

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Arizona Summit Law School’s Center for Professional Development (CPD) is a full-service career counseling and resource center that supports and assists students in all stages of the career planning process. CPD is committed to assisting employers with summer, academic year, project and permanent hiring needs.

Non-Discrimination Policy
Arizona Summit Law School conforms to all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination and is committed to non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, social condition, sex, sexual orientation, age and handicap in its programs and activities. In compliance with this policy, the law school's Center for Professional Development (CPD) is committed to supporting an equal and fair evaluation of its law student and graduate job applicants on the basis of his or her own individual merits. Therefore, the CPD is available only to employers whose employment practices are in compliance with the law and the Arizona Summit Law School’s non-discrimination policy.
Arizona Summit Law School allows one exception to its non-discrimination policy for government agencies, such as the military, that are required by law to discriminate on the basis of age, height, weight and other factors.  Federal statutes (commonly known as the Solomon Amendment) provide that law schools that deny access to military recruiters may be subjected to the loss of certain federal funds, including some financial aid for law students.  Although the United States Military discriminates on the basis of age, height, weight and other factors, Arizona Summit Law School makes its Center for Professional Development Office available to these recruiters because of the potential loss of federal funds that would otherwise be imposed on schools that have a policy or practice of denying access to military recruiters pursuant to the Solomon Amendment. 

Please browse our services listed below.
  • Job Postings: CPD provides employers the ability to post positions for our students and graduates.  Click here to submit a job posting to the Center for Professional Development Career Site.     
  • Contract Projects: CPD offers employers the ability to post temporary positions for project work and short-term assignments.  Projects are typically shorter in duration and are very specific in need. Examples include trial work preparation, research and writing assignments, document review, and other short-term assignments. To post a position at no charge, please complete the following form.
  • On-Campus Interview Program: CPD offers the convenience for employers to interview our students on our campus.  To register for an On-Campus Interview, please click here.
  • Résumé Collection Program: If you are unable to interview on our campus, another option is for us to collect resumes on your behalf.  To register for a Resume Collect, please click here.
  • Externship Program: AZSummitLaw's Externship Program gives students the opportunity to gain practical legal skills in order to graduate practice ready.  Click here for more information on our Externship Program.
  • Copper Square On-Campus Interview Day: Our Annual Copper Square On-Campus Interview Day is an event to connect legal employers and students for externship and law clerk opportunities for Summer and Fall.  Click here to participate in our Annual Copper Square On-Campus Interview Day.

For more information about the Center for Professional Development, please contact Center for Professional Development at cpdteam@azsummitlaw.edu