Q:  How can I open Blackboard ".collab" files?

To open .collab files, you need to install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. You can download the Launcher directly from the Elluminate website.  

Windows: https://na-downloads.elluminate.com/bcl/win/BlackboardCollaborateLauncher 

Mac: https://na-downloads.elluminate.com/bcl/BlackboardCollaborateLauncher

Q:  Where is the IT Department?

The IT Help Desk is located on the 14th floor. The IT offices are located on the 17th floor in the southeast corner of the building.

Q:  How do I reset my password for wireless access?

Please visit azsummitlaw.edu/password to reset your password. Note that this changes your password for wireless login, Juristec and your email. (This will NOT change your Student Portal password.)

Q:  What do I do if I forget my Student Portal password?

The student portal is a separate system, so please contact us at ithelp@azsummitlaw.edu to reset your password.

Q:  I need to install the printer drivers. Where are these?

Please visit www.azsummitlaw.edu/student-printers to install or update all the student printers on campus.

Q:  I have heard we use Exam4 to take exams electronically; where can I get this?

Please view the Exam4 Guide for instructions on how to download and install Exam4. Note that this software must be downloaded each semester to stay current.

Q:  I have a Mac. Am I supported at Arizona Summit Law School?

Yes, Macs are supported and compatible just as PCs are. Also, since we now use Exam4, there is no need to use BootCamp for taking tests.

Q:  I have heard you sell software. What do you sell and how much is it?

Our current software list is Windows 8 Professional (32- or 64-bit), Windows 7 Professional (32- or 64-bit), Office 2013 Professional and Office 2011 for Mac.

Q:  I need help with Lexis, Westlaw, Twen OR Cali, etc.

These are administrated through the IRC (library). Please visit the IRC on the second floor of the tower building for assistance.