The Records & Registration Department is located on the 18th floor, and maintains student academic files and grades, processes academic information requests, administers the registration process, and performs various other student-oriented services. It is important for students to familiarize themselves with the academic rules and policies and the Student Handbook.

Records & Registration Staff:

  • Jacquelyn Elser —Academic Records Operations Manager — rm 1855
  • Jocelyn Turner —Academic Records Coordinator  — rm 1863
  • Trini Perdue - Academic Records Coordinator - rm 1865
  • All student email requests should be directed to
  • Fax — 602.682.6993 (please fax transcript requests, state Bar requests, etc. to this fax number)

General information on topics that are addressed by the Records & Registration Department is listed below.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for specific student policies and processes regarding student academic records and registration. All forms that require signoff from Records & Registration or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs can be found on Juristec. Records & Registration Forms

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

New students: All new students are assigned classes by Summit for their first two terms. New students do NOT register themselves for classes.

Minimum/Maximum Credit Load

  • Students may not take less than seven credit hours during a semester.
  • Students may not take more than 16 credit hours during a semester.
  • Exceptions to these limits must be approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Permission to take less than seven hours will rarely be given. You may be granted only one semester waiver to this policy, only under the most extreme circumstances.

A student wishing to request permission for a schedule that does not meet the minimum/maximum guideline must submit the appropriate form available on the Records & Registration intranet page on Juristec. Records & Registration Forms


Students must check the course descriptions for every course before registering to determine if the course carries a prerequisite.

Advanced Writing Requirement

Students must satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR) to graduate. Reference the Student Handbook for further details.  Student must register for the AWR at least one semester prior to their last semester at Arizona Summit Law School. AWR paperwork is available on the Records & Registration intranet page on Juristec. Records & Registration Forms

Enrolled Students — Audits

A student registering for a course as an audit must obtain permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. A student auditing a course is expected to prepare for and attend class regularly. The class to be audited may not have a time conflict with another class the student is registered to take. Typically, the auditing student will not take the exam. The audited course will appear on the transcript with the notation "AU." No credit or grade will be awarded, and the student may not later take the course for credit. Professors may impose additional requirements to audit their class. Audit petitions/forms are located on Juristec in Records & Registration forms.


Regular attendance is required in and tracked for all courses. Failure to maintain regular attendance may be grounds for exclusion from the school or withdrawal from a course. Attendance and preparation, or lack thereof, and class participation may be considered by the individual faculty member with regard to grades and by the faculty and the Dean with regard to honors, awards, scholarships and similar matters.

Transfer Credit

Transfer Students: A student who has transferred from another law school to Summit must successfully complete at least 45 credit hours at Summit, attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better for at least 87 credit hours, complete all required courses or their substantial equivalent, satisfy the advanced writing requirement, satisfy the pro bono hours requirement, and satisfy all other applicable degree and school requirements to receive a degree from Summit.

The Records & Registration Department will evaluate credits for courses completed at another approved law school on a case-by-case basis. Students may transfer only courses completed with a grade of C or better on the first attempt. The approved transfer credits will apply to the student's degree program. Transfer credits DO NOT affect and are not applied to the grade point average at Summit. Students must have obtained all transfer credits within four academic years prior to matriculation at Summit.

Current Students:  Details regarding taking classes outside Arizona Summit Law School can be found in the Student Handbook. Check this information carefully before applying to any programs outside Arizona Summit Law School. Forms/petitions for visiting or study abroad are available on the Records & Registration intranet page on Juristec.

Drop/Add Withdrawal

Students may drop or add courses until the designated add/drop deadline each term. Drop deadlines are listed on the Academic Calendar.  After the add/drop deadline, students wishing to drop or add classes must petition to obtain permission from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Please see the forms page on the Records & Registration intranet site for the appropriate form. Records & Registration Forms

Request a Transcript

All transcripts issued by the Records & Registration Department at Arizona Summit Law School are considered official. Transcripts are issued on our transcript paper and bear the signature of the Records & Registration Department and the seal of the law school.  The purpose for which you need the transcript determines the manner in which we handle your request.

The most common type of transcript request is for what we call an "unofficial transcript." These are transcripts you use for résumé drops or to apply for jobs, clerkships, externships or in similar circumstances. These transcripts are printed on paper that can be copied, and you can reproduce them as many times as is necessary.  If you are a current student you can print unofficial transcripts directly from the Student Portal.

Transfer from Summit to Another Law School
Students wishing to request a transfer to another approved law school will need to complete the Transfer Application and meet with the Dean prior to information being sent to the potential transfer school.  Transfer packages containing an official transcript, letter of good standing and official student rank are sent to the potential transfer school once the completed/signed Transfer Applciation is received by Records & Registration.  Transfer packages are $15 per school. Please use the transfer application form found on the Records & Registration intranet page on Juristec. Records & Registration Forms