Michael H.

Two terms often associated with Arizona Summit Law School are “diversity” and “practice-readiness.” Those terms don’t apply solely to what you experience on campus. Your classmates will come from a variety of different backgrounds. Your professors will provide a rigorous classroom environment focusing on practical legal skills. The best part, however, is that Arizona Summit sets its students up for success by seeking out and providing broad and diverse work opportunities, whether domestic or abroad, to satisfy any student’s career goals or trajectory.

Blake M.

I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to work with Justice Timmer for my 1L Summer Externship.  I am beyond excited about the opportunity to learn and develop my skills and understanding of the law.  I hope this accomplishment is encouragement for others that being a Summit student affords great opportunities in the legal community.

Cynthia V.

I could not have made a better choice than Arizona Summit Law School. Everything from the workshops, the success courses, and the bar-centered coursework is geared towards successful practice. The staff, professors, TA's, organizations, and even older classmen, everyone at ASLS is always available with a helping hand and a word of encouragement. The ASLS community is amazing!

Melanie F.

I put in my application to Arizona Summit Law and did not apply to any other schools. After being accepted, I left my job and began school as a full time, day student